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Village Board Powers and Duties:  The Village Board shall have the power to pass ordinances, to prevent and remove nuisances, to restrain and prohibit gambling, to provide for licensing and regulating theatrical and other amusements, to prevent the intro­duction and spread of contagious diseases, to establish and regulate markets, to erect and repair bridges, to provide for the inspection of building materials to be used or offered for sale, to govern the planting and protection of shade trees in the streets and the building of structures projecting upon or over and adjoining and all excavations through and under the sidewalks, and in addition to the special powers herein conferred and granted, to maintain the peace, good govern­ment, and welfare of the village and its trade, commerce, and manufactories; and to enforce all ordinances by inflicting penalties upon inhabitants or other persons for vi­olation thereof.

The village has the power and authority by ordinance to define, regulate, suppress, and prevent nuisances, to declare what constitutes a nuisance, and to  abate and remove the same. The village may exercise such power and authority within its zoning jurisdiction.

(Neb. Rev. Stat. §§17-207, 17-505, 18-1720) (Am. 

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Marilyn Patsch
Village Board Chairman
(402) 588-2451

Jeremy Lewis
Village Board
Vice Chairman

Jake Bennett
Village Board Trustee

Tylor Jamison
Village Board Trustee

Jason Swerczek
Village Board Trustee