New Resident Resources

Welcome to the Village of Garland.  Life here is enhanced by the preservation of our local history and the enjoyment of today.  Our community combines agriculture, industry, history, civic activities, recreation and countless other events for a wholesome and fulfilled lifestyle, making it an ideal place to raise a family and grow your business.

The following information should help ease the transition of moving into the area for new residents.  Please contact them for assistance in otaining services for your home.










Contact Info

Village of Garland
101 4th St. Garland, Nebraska 68360
(531) 249-4830
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Norris Public Power District
3111 Progressive Rd. Seward, Nebraska 68434
(402) 643-2951
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Seward Public Schools
410 South St. Seward, Nebraska 68434
(402) 643-2941
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Milford Public Schools
1200 W 1st St. Malcolm, Nebraska 68405
(402) 761-3321
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Refuse Service
Contact service provider of choice

Gas Service
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up to receive Alerts and News & Notices?

Simply click the 'Subscribe' button located on the Home Page and fill out the brief form with your preferred contact information and click Subscribe.

Where do I go to vote?

All elections are conducted by the Village of Garland and voting takes place at the Garland Fire Hall located at 170 4th Street.